TThe "theNOname" is the special casual fine dining restaurant in the lively district of Berlin-Mitte. It is a perfect metamorphosis with its surroundings. Historical details combine with modern elements and thus reflect the multi-layered and artistic neighbourhood.

The main focus is on the rear wall of the dining room. This is decorated by a street art artwork by the Berlin artist collective Murales, reminiscent of the well-known Japanese bondage art Shibari.

With this stylish and aesthetic staging of the erotic rope and knot art, the connection to the history of Oranienburger Straße is established and the bridge to the artist's house Tacheles with its street art artists and graffiti is bridged.

The work of art stimulates and provokes and recalls the Berlin of days gone by, which has always been cosmopolitan, controversial, lascivious, loud, spontaneous, unadapted. And it invites guests to let go, let go and drop

A special experience is guaranteed by the "Secret Table" in a uniquely high-quality room directly above the kitchen. This séparée can be reserved as a small exclusive board or event room for up to 10 people.