Parts of the walls are covered by floor-length white translucent curtains that create a new time-deprived space within the historical walls.

The eye-catcher at the back of the room: a photorealistic mural painting of a woman seemingly hanging from a ceiling in artfully knotted ropes created by the painter Anne Bengard, who has worked here under the artist collective Murales.

The elaborately knotted rope based on the fine art of bondage and animated video sequences create a feeling of depth and movement in the room.

The artwork alludes to the history of Berlin’s formerly notorious Oranienburger Strasse and bridges the gap to the Künstlerhaus Tacheles with its street artists and graffiti. It is intended to be provocative and recalls the Berlin of bygone days that has always been controversial, cosmopolitan, lascivious, loud and spontaneous.

Guests can expect a culinary journey extending over several courses. The "Secret Table" in a uniquely designed room directly above the kitchen promises an extraordinary dining experience for up to 10 people. This séparée can be reserved as a function or event room for up to ten people.